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Prowler's success has motivated me to try the AMD anyway. First the CPU is AMD-K6-2 450 MHz rather than 400. The floppy brand is unknown. I was astounded that the very first disk imaged perfectly. That is without, repeat without running the patch. I imaged 3 of 5 Distant Suns disks, WB1.3 Extras disk, KindWords super font disks [all originals]. 2 of 5 Distant Suns disks and WB1.3 failed to image. The WB disk seemed to have drag on it like it was running on sandpaper and also the read error requester had to be clicked several times when I booted it on the A500. Without exception all the disks I imaged that didn't report read errors, the CRCs matched exactly with ADF backups I made back in 1998.

EDIT: Rough timing test. C.A.P.E. assembler disk as test subject.
transdisk to RAM: on A500 - 43sec
readadf to PC harddrive on AMD - 1min 45sec

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