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All those of you who wanted an Indivision AGA MK2 for A4000D and/or CD32, but didn't contact me yet, please do so NOW. I'll be sending out the invoices till the end of the week (yes, later than I anticipated).

I decided to make one production panel with both versions, which is the most cost-efficient method (if quantity relations will be what I'm expecting...).

Delivery will be before the end of april. I will guarantee that by the time of delivery, the unit will support PAL screenmode in 62.5Hz and NTSC screenmode in 75Hz. More screenmodes and output frequencies (like the legacy 50/60Hz modes) will be added with flash-updates. As the capabilities of the core grow, we'll also have a config tool at a later point. For now, we only have a flash tool, similar to the flash tools that you may have seen for the old model of Indivision AGA, and for Indivision ECS.

I'll report here everytime I can add a screen/output mode.

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