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Not sure if this is of interest to you, but ReactOS now runs Winuae nicely since v 0.34.
If youre interested in having the system boot straight into amiga os it's probably not a bad option. I had a quick play with it and managed to strip it back to about 70meg, and that was just by deleteing stuff from an install. It's entirely possible to shrink that considerably still when tackled from the source level.
Ive even been considering doing a custom Reactos build based around the idea of using it as a tiny host for Winuae and an amiga "distro".
Not sure if I ever will though, both 'cos Im a physical classic and amithlon guy, and 'cos Ive got about a billion other things Id like to do 1st (and another reason I wont reveal yet 'cos I dont want the developer hassled), but nonetheless I think it'd be something that might be fairly readily accepted and used if anyone wants to beat me to the punch
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