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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
I did try the TP7P5Fix program anyway. It installed okay, but had no discernable effect.
Wait! What's 'TP7P5Fix' for?
I never used it.
Thinking about the past, perhaps I used a 400 MHz AMD K6... I'm not sure.

Is the original picture/scheme still viewable on the site/WayBack Machine?
It was a .gif, I think, showing where to make the connections etc.

I may be able to improve things by shortening the parallel port cable and trying the command line switches. We'll see...
I wonder... why bother? You have both the Catweasel and KryoFlux, so you're light years ahead of ReadADF...

EDIT: The cable I used was a single-wire (not shielded), and its length was around 50 cm...
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