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Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
Hi prowler,
no, the name is not ADFRead.
...its name is Amiga Disk Reader.
Oops, thanks mate! The first occurrence was a typo, and then it stuck with me throughout! I've corrected it now.

Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
If I remember well, after some time a second release was available (v2.0? I have to check) and I tested it too.

The Recalibrate option was not available in the first release (If I remember well, that's it), so I suppose you used the last release.
I'm not aware of the release version I used (it's not reported, IIRC), but it's probably the latest, as you say, because I downloaded it from the official website (albeit via the Wayback Machine).

Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
It was very slow, yes .

However, it wasn't prone to errors. The .adf files were good (I compared them, years later, with the one obtained with my A600).
Did you perhaps use a too fast PC?
I make a mistake. My Disk2FDI machine is a P166MMX (not P200MMX), so it should be okay, but I didn't use the manual command line switch (just stuck with the default). I did try the TP7P5Fix program anyway. It installed okay, but had no discernable effect.

I may be able to improve things by shortening the parallel port cable and trying the command line switches. We'll see...
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