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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Well, I got the ADFRead program running today
Hi prowler,
no, the name is not ADFRead.
ADFRead was made by Toni (here's v1.1: and I, years ago, found it too prone to errors (even if it uses another way to read data: dual floppies instead of a single floppy + cable).
I reported it to Toni (at that time I didn't know he was that Toni... sorry Toni! ). I tested it with 4-5 different drives (Teac, Sony, Panasonic, Chinon etc.) and I always got random errors in the .adf images.
Those errors were not reported by the program.
Me and Toni had some e-mail exchanges about the issue, but he couldn't test it anymore because he had no PCs with dual-floppy support motherboard. He asked me to send him some dumps, but my job took me away from that for some time and then I bought a real A600 + CF etc. and didn't need it anymore.

However... regarding the program used by Garyc2012 (and me, back in the day), its name is Amiga Disk Reader.

If I remember well, after some time a second release was available (v2.0? I have to check) and I tested it too.

The Recalibrate option was not available in the first release (If I remember well, that's it), so I suppose you used the last release.

It was very slow, yes .

However, it wasn't prone to errors. The .adf files were good (I compared them, years later, with the one obtained with my A600).
Did you perhaps use a too fast PC?

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