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A couple of miscellaneous requests now.

I'd quite like some nice icons for the game. Let's face it, the default Blitz icon is a bit dull. If I could have a 'normal' icon, a MagicWB icon and a NewIcon, I could include them in the archive and the player could choose which one they wanted. So if someone could take a bit of time to draw some that'd be great

Also... I'd like some sort of nice development team name too, so we can have a nice logo displayed at the start I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with a good name though so any suggestions? Obviously any future games would use this name too so it has to be a decent one

In terms of the game, tonight I've started developing the highscore table and routines. It's mostly working so far, there's one little quirk I need to iron out and I need to implement a load/save system but it's gone pretty smoothly.
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