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Originally Posted by roberthazelby View Post
Keep the updates coming. This thread has become essential reading for me.

One suggestion - when the music being composed, could it only use a maximum of three sound channels? This will then leave one channel free for sound effects.

Many classic Amiga games had their ingame music spoiled by having half the tune temporarily vanish when a sound effect played.
I believe it depends on the nr of different effects at the same time and speed of playback. I mean if there are continous sounds of shooting in a game (in general, not strictly in a case like this) and you want to play others as well, even using 3 channels is more than critical. I believe this is why for example in the top-down Alien Breeds there are no music, just an ambient generator kind of noise, so the 3 other channels can be used for shooting, roars, and warning sounds...

Also, in this game it cannot be a real barrier for a better atmosphere. We'll see, I think
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