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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
I found another bug - sometimes hero lands in non-still anim frame, or just finishes his anim cycle in other frame than "still" (45, 46).
Thanks, I'll have a look for this.

My actual hiscore 5054.
About 1300 better than me

There should be something like: "Yes, you will fall faster for 10 secs, BUT (you will get extra 500pts or so...)
Maybe not 500 points but I take the idea onboard. Thanks, I'll think of something.

Originally Posted by mihcael View Post
Also, power-ups seem to only take effect when you hit a platform. Is this intended?
It does? What ones? I just played it now and got the weight power-up, worked fine. Can't say I've noticed this but I could just have missed it.
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