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hereĀ“s a bit more information:

Windows version is ME. DirectX 8.0 is installed. GeForce 2 graphics
adapter. SBlive audio. All MS patches to ME applied.
All versions up to and including WinUAE 0822R1 work without
trouble. 0822R2 and 0822R3 don't work. That's why i suspected
DirectX causing trouble. DX works ok though for other apps.

I removed older version and did a clean install of 0822R2/3.
I do not run any games or anything. I just start WinUAE, change a single parameter (any one) and try to save it as a new configuration giving it a name and comment. IMMEDIATELY WinUAE crashes!

It seems that if I copy older configs (from 0822R1) to the Configuration directory I can use them as they are - it is just not
possible to change and save new configs (or even loading and re-saving an existing one). Result is always a crash.
After such a crash the config I tried to save is messed up.

I will happily provide further info - can't think of anything at the moment - but please ask.

Thank you for any help
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