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I found another bug - sometimes hero lands in non-still anim frame, or just finishes his anim cycle in other frame than "still" (45, 46).

My actual hiscore 5054.

Level 6 is for me impossible to beat, even with cheat.

I have also problem with power-downs " /2", "snail" and "heavy weight". They must be adjusted or ballanced in some way, otherwise they are redundant: there is nothing that forces player to collect them or at least to try maneuvre to not collect. If I see any of them, I can always avoid it, because of random placing. If I see power-up, I try to collect it. If I see power-down, I just dont care and there is no need to dodge it or so.

There should be something like: "Yes, you will fall faster for 10 secs, BUT (you will get extra 500pts or so...)"

And here another pic for our loyal fans...

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