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Smart, just got to find one of those boards or find another board based on the atom chipset. I was also looking at amd based boards with fairly decent built-in radeon's.

Also I spent a few hours fettling the bottom half of the a500 so the mini itx board is now mounted solid. I even went as far as to counter sink the screw heads lol. Everything using recycled bits scavenged.

I have plans:

Pico psu and 20pin atx wire extension
Internal kryoflux board
A500 disk drive
320gb 2.5 sata drive
4gb Compact flash
Keyrah interface
A1200 keyboard
A500 Keytops
Leds (when I suss out how to mount them)

I know it wont be a true amiga but I did the amiga-in-pc tower thing back in 1997 and never dreamed of doing it the other way, should be interesting for myself and my kids
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