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Total failure on my 75MHz Pentium PC. Drive is a Sony MPF 520-1. I didn't need the needles. A piece of solid bell wire held snug in the connectors. Tried original KindWords disk, Workbench disks etc. all resulted in the drive lighting up stepping a bit then nothing. Created files of 0 byte size. If I used the -e option then it prints a row of changing numbers at the top for a while longer but eventually quits too. Ran prog in real mode DOS and Win95 in a box. Tried all permutations of EPP,ECP,bi-directional etc in BIOS. I'll leave it hooked up a while in case anybody has a breakthrough.

EDIT:The print1 utility on that page reports:

insert dd disk and press enter

Bits transfered! wiring ok!
interrupt generated! lpt-port ok!

No bits transfered! check wiring
No interrupt generated! check lpt-port

The minimum manual setting on the readadf prog shows a 90/100 so maybe this PC is too slow.

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