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I've just about got WIP9 out on schedule

I've added the powerups this time but they probably still need a bit of tweaking. They're not stackable or anything so if you collect one while one is in use that'll automatically override it. They last for ten seconds each except for the freeze other player powerup which only lasts for two (and is only available in two-player mode obviously). The others increase and decrease your scoring rate, speed you up and slow you down, and increase/decrease falling speed.

I've also added two new levels designed by mihcael but I suspect they will need to be toned down quite a bit in terms of difficulty. If you want to try any level then press keys 1 to 6 on the numeric keypad (so if you're playing on an A600 you're stuck. Will be fixed!) and then fire as normal.

All graphical glitches should now be fixed, thankfully (although I still can't fix the 'objects in platforms' bug despite my boasts earlier) and two sound effects are now added (with hopefully more to come and some music at some point). Again I have provided it in LHA and ADF formats.
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