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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
What do you think prowler worth a play?
I'm going to give it a try (whatever mr.vince says).

As a Registered user of Disk2FDI, I can confirm that this technique works beautifully. Those who have used the trick with two floppy drives facilitated by the unregistered version of Disk2FDI with MS-DOS or Toni Wilen's ADFRead 1.0 or 1.1 with Win2K+ to image Amiga floppy disks will be surprised at just how much faster and smoother the imaging process works when the timing signals are provided from the parallel port.

The Amiga Disk Reader project uses a different parallel port cable, so the technique it uses is somewhat different from that used by Disk2FDI Registered, but hey, it doesn't cost anything to try it out, and the machine I use for Disk2FDI imaging uses a P200MMX processor and the onboard parallel port for double-density disks and I have the option of a PCI parallel port adapter which is required for high-density disks.

I'll report back here with the details of my tests when they are complete.
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