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Back in my younger days, I used to work in an arcade as a tech. Not that any information that I gathered is of use to anyone, but hey, I can tell people I used to work in an arcade at The Mall of America (America's Original Sports Bar (TM)).

One piece of equipment we used to have was called "Virtuosity"... a virtual reality machine.The user would strap a breadbox-sized gizmo to his ass, a cumbersome visor to his peepers, and a control stick wedged in his or her beer-soaked palm. The user would then twist and turn, and a ring on the podium would sense motion.

It was about as fun as diving into a full spitoon, and for the low, low cost of 5$ USD.

However, wedged under the platform was an Amiga 3000 (if I remember correctly, it probably was a 4000) controling all of the wonderful action in the reflected LCD screens.

That's the only true Amiga game I have seen in an arcade...
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