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This is only relevant to ACA1231 owners, yes? Is this something that will be a warranty issue? Will handling of such an issue further delay the Indivision MKII? Do you have any indication of how many are affected by the issue?
How does the fix (burst of) affect the performance comparison between a ACA 1230 vs a ACA 1231 @ say 42MHz? (42MHz wasn't picked completely at random. Both cards were made with that CPU.)

Sorry to see the extra work having to be made, especially after we talked about more exotic designs requiring more, and more importantly, more elaborate error proofing. Guess it just proves the point. Adding variables the manufacturer cant control isn't beneficial for someone trying to provide a service to a small group of insane buyers aiming to further there already completely crazy hobbies. Your doing great work. Thanks. Keep it up, please.
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