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Originally Posted by DonMac View Post
Don't know why I need the 1MB setting. I do know this system is equipped with a HRTMon Freezer. Could this be an explanation to this?
ACA accelerators always treat Kickstart as 1MByte in size. The difference of "one star vs. two stars" is that two stars copies the full 1MByte from the standard locations 0x00e0.0000-0x00e7.ffff and 0x00f8.0000-0x00ff.ffff. If you only use one *, then the mirror copy at 0x00e0 will also be filled with the contents of 0x00f8.

If your HRTmon freezer is more than just an IRQ7-button, but a ROM that uses the lower space at 0x00e0, it will of course not work. In any case, it cannot hurt to use **.

I've been working on the card all day yesterday, chasing a ghost: I thought I had found a reliable way to make the card crash, but it turned out to be a stack overflow, and other accelerators also crash in that specific case. Increasing the stack solves the problem for all cards. It might be a good idea to increase stack size in general, as the Amiga OS does not check stack overflows. The ACA1231 has so much memory that you can surely spare a few kilobytes.

As a result of yesterday's work, the memory controller got a full overhaul, but the performance of the card is reduced now. I'll continue on that path today and try to find a way to make the card crash. One thing I have done is to extend the timeout for the watchdog, although I'm almost convinced that DonMac's card has a defect if it keeps on crashing with 8000 0002 gurus.

Whatever the reason is, all cards will be fixed under warranty.

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