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Floppy disk AbkViewer ported to MorphOS, testers needed...

Using AmiDevCpp I have ported my AROS version of AbkViewer to MorphOS. Not owning a MorphOS machine myself I need someone to test this out.
It may work or it may crash your machine...

AbkViewer is a simple AMOS sprite and icon bank viewer, with both Java and C/AROS versions (and an untested MorphOS build...)
The Java version is in beta and the AROS one in alpha.

I also did ports to AROS-PPC and AROS-x64. The x64 version currently crashes due to an address error for some reason.
I'd also appreciate it if someone can test the AROS-PPC version, as I've been unable to set up a suitable emulation environment. I'd like to test this on big-endian architectures.

AbkViewer for AROS/MorphOS (all builds in the ZIP archive):

AbkViewer for Java (cross-platform):

P.S. I couldn't build this for AmigaOS 3.x as AmiDevCpp appears to lack Cybergraphics libraries and headers. Same for 4.x (although that had even more issues).
I've also been unable to obtain a working cross-compiler for AROS-68k, although if I can build it for AmigaOS 3.x that should work.
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