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Happy Creating ADF's using sewing needles !!!


About 12 years ago or so I preserved my Amiga floppy disks (about 20 of them) which contained BBS emails (20+ year old emails ), all my devpac 2 source code for demos and a half finished video poker program, logs from bbs's etc etc all the usual stuff. Now I have several backups on pen drives, dropbox, ubuntu one account etc !

Recently I discovered another few amiga disks labelled Devpac Source code and am soooooooooooo curious to see whats on them.

Back then I used a standard PC running MS-DOS and a program *I CANT FIND ANYWHERE*

All I had to do was solder a piece of wire onto two sewing needles, one end went into pin X on the parallel port and the other slipped into pin X on the floppy controller connector (at the floppy drive end)

Then you run the dos read the floppy drive and created a perfect adf DOS file (I think the dos program sent signals out the parallel port to modify the PC floppy drive timings)

Can someone please tell me the name of this program and where to find it, and tell me I haven't imagined it all !!!!!!!!

PS Hi Everyone !!!!!!

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