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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
You can write ADF's back to Disk and play from floppy, but trust me this isn't fun in this day and age

You can download the tools you need on Aminet or you can buy EasyADF from Amigakit, you need a way to get the ADF's onto the Amiga, PCMCIA CF Adapter is the easiest way.

It will be a much better experience if you grab yourself a 4mb/8mb trapdoor Ram upgrade, it will cost you £30-£60 depending on where you find it, there are quite a few eBay sellers who have these at the higher end of the price guide (or even higher which is daylight robbery) or you can try Amibay where you might get one a little cheaper.

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Hi Steve

I have just downloaded this file. What do I do with it? Copy and paste to a real disc and pop it in my 1200?
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