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Originally Posted by DonMac View Post
Really don't know

The original A1200 ROM is 512kb, but when I'm using "maprom *" the machine doesn't start. The machine has a kickrom switch (1.3 and 3.1). Think thats why I must use the 1mb option?
The original kickstart for A1200 is 512KB.
Even if you're using a special and custom 1.3+3.1 Kickstart (meaning 2x256KB for 1.3 + 512KB for 3.1 = 1MB) burned in one Eprom and selectable by a switch, by switching to Kickstart 3.1 you still allocate 512KB for ROM.

That's why you have to use one asterisk on MapROM option (512KB ROM) because the dual asterisk is meant for 1MB custom ROMS.
Maybe this doesn't have to do at all with your problem, but better use the correct options to be sure.
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