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Originally Posted by Lord Riton View Post
I admire the great effort you probably did put into this !

But i never liked Liberation, for me it was miles away from the first Captive. The "real" 3D added nothing to it, and it was very uggly in my opinion. I don't even call it a "Captive", from that one it only has the name.
No argument there. My first lines should be taken as a confession that I have very mixed feelings about the game.

Liberation is very, very ugly. I count it to those mistakes during the 90-ies in which comanies tried to jump on the latest bandwagon to add 3d to a game that didn't need it and the mere attempt destroyed much of what the game could have been, such as Simon the Sorcerer 3d or Gabriel Knight 3. In comparison, Captive look really good.

I also take the name "Captive" with a grain of salt since the two have plenty of differences. Enough differences to be seen as different games. Captive is a space opera, liberation is a cyberpunk-game. Captive takes place within dungeons, liberation is free-roaming.

Still, liberation have left a strange appeal to me. As someone who study psychology for a living I really ask myself why. Maybe it's because Liberation in many ways represents the final breath of a platform I had a very strong emotional attachment to during the 90-ies (and still do). First it was one of the few titles that were developed with the CD32 in mind. And even if it was ugly it was the only professional texture-mapped title for the Amiga family that I know of. So I always said that one day I would play the game and I guess it was time...

I just hadn't expected it to be so complex. The skill system is the most complex game mechanic I have seen in a game ever... and I always had this strange appeal for complexity that compells me to figure it out before I can go back to real life again.

I saw your "Let's play Black Crypt". this game was really awesome ! i completed it when i got it at the time it came out. I even remember the "Oak Raven" code you had to put in as copy protection, at half way of the game
Thankyou for watching.
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