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Aarrrg:: Virtual Floppy

I'm using Cloanto V.5 AmigaForEver
With 3.1 Rom
Athlon XP1800
1Gig Mem.
140 Gig HD
NVidia TI4600.
And so on.
I've tried for the last day to install Virtual Floppy.
Cant go nowhere.
I want to install some Old .adf files I had.
Cant remember the old dos commands.
Can someone hold me by the hand and guide me through ?

I also got a 4000T 060 wich I have the same situation.
060 50Mhz
128 Megs mem.
Toaster, Dsp wavefomr Monitor.
I thought of nul modem but affraid of frying something.
Sign Arrrrrrgg!
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