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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
That doesn't mean I am right! It works so I use it, but if it works the other way too, I could use the extra minutes

I would just like to understand where this assumption comes from or how it was created. Everywhere it is said that the speed should be low. Why?
How else do rumors / myths get started. Enough people say it then everyone thinks it.
I have never burnt at low speed and its worked everytime. I think even toni wilen agreed its a myth.
I have been working / repairing CD players / recorders for over 11+ years, not once was there a problem (granted you may get the odd dodgy batch of discs).

I think you were talking about overburning but I thought you were still talking about burn speeds.
From what I remember old mechs, will have problems reading the outer most part of the disc (as burners were not around at that time), so they would'nt be expecting someone to over burn a disc.
Essecially, the CD32 mech is a standard run of the mill CD player mech, used by sony for 10+ years. So it will stick to the standards of that time.
Only sure way to know is to try, I will try if I get time.
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