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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I don't know about GGS Data in Sweden - do they have a store with proper hours and stuff? If they don't, then ASB computer in Spain is the only one where you can walk into with your Amiga in a bag and drop it off with the words "please repair - the caps must be replaced".
GGS-Data in Gothenburg (Göteborg, Sweden) Has a visitors address, and opening hours (10-18) But i would have to admit that i have NO idea as to if they could actually service your hardware if you drop it of. It's hardly relevant to this topic regardless. The fact remains, you as a manufacturer have to provide service and support, and it's simply not possible to provide at the minimum level required by law for a complex piece of hardware as a socketed bit of hardware would be. As it's not even providing any bonus features, it's not even a issue. I for one is more then convinced that we'll see more hardware coming from you, including accelerators. For those that want a 68060, there is a perfectly sane option. Buy a second hand unit. At least it's likely to come with the required CPU... To bad they will be Apollos, don't ya think? ;- )

Anyways, thank you for all your efforts, keep up the good work.
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