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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
By the way, memory for CD32?....
Don't burn him!! Hehe.

Schoenfeld, thanks for responding

Hm... you have thoroughly explained how EU directives makes CPU cards with CPU and memory sockets impossible. You may have your own reasons for saying this, but if it were not false, zero instead of millions of motherboards for PCs, server blades, etc etc would be sold each year in the EU.

You exaggerated my meaning to say no warranty. But like a motherboard manufacturer, you would simply declare compliance with certain standards and guarantee the board and the components on it. (Now, don't get me wrong. I know you don't have the turnaround of a PC store and local stores handle the warranty stuff on behalf of the manufacturer, etc.)

I think most Amiga users approve of your product decisions and understand we have to pay a premium to get specialty hardware. At the same time we're understanding towards the hardware and software fixes for the products and follow your development with great interest, and I think you handle the warranties professionally.

The reason for asking for socketed CPU and memory is a totally different one.

An Amiga hardware future.

With such extremely hard to find, soldered RAMs as yours and soldered CPUs, when the warranty is out a failing card is dead and useless. If someone hasn't made a replacement card, big memory and CPU usable for relatively modern applications is out of the question. When that happens, the Amiga will be like the other home computers and retro consoles - usable only for retro stuff until the mobo fails.

Now, retro is fine with me but expandability kept alive will extend the interest in the platform for serious use, which is important. And I don't mean being able to kinda surf the web or kinda play a short specially prepared movie or song. I mean newly developed programs, the life of a platform is defined by this. With 80s specs, only the same type of programs can be made, but with more modern specs, new types of programs can be made.

I love the big memory of the ACA models! But in terms of specs they are less modern than f.ex. my PPS040. Part of 'modern specs' is to be able to go to a store and buy memory. While losing 1%, 5% or 10% of the speed of the 68060 because of some first-access wait state does not make it less modern.

I wouldn't mind if you supplied the cards with new 512MB DDR RAM and used, tested 68060. As long as I could replace them easily if they fail, my beloved old platform would retain its expanded modern specs. I'd love a comment on how you feel about this!

If the used CPU (as 68060 can't be bought new) is a problem I have a business idea from the 70s on how they solved it then. But this is a tall enough wall of text for now I think.

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