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New to the forum so: Hi everyone

Yesterday I received the ACA1231 from Vesalia. It is a version with the new heatsink mounted.

After installing the card and watch some demos I experienced the first guru 8000 0002 message. This is after about 15 minutes. After a reboot it happened more frequently so I turned the a1200 off.

I reinserted the ACA1231 but after some time the same issues occurred.

I did a lot of research since yesterday (also on but my german is worse than my english) and found there are still some problems with the card.

The thing is that when playing a demo/game there are no problems. But after returning to the ClassicWB (v27) the guru's appear. I did preform a new installation on a spare CF card in the hope there was a software error. No luck.

The mainboard is a Rev.B version and the E123C and E125C timerfixes are nor present on the board.

Is it just an incompatible board or is there any hope for a fix?
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