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Originally Posted by synchro View Post
Yet everything i try it on works fine ???
The exe launcher is for the companys specific exe's i cant use it as an arcade launcher for the all in one when i make it...

Despite my best efforts i cannot get these to fail but in all honesty im only getting 2 user feedbacks..Its not enough to try to filter out the problems like what it works on what it doesnt...for all i know it could be a setting in Norton if you both use that.

For now i think i will give up till i find something it does not work on then i can look into it properly.
OK, now I see the point of making it.

I'm not very good with WinUAE, so I don't know if your Launcher can't open it with his own configuration or if it loads some of the ones I already have, and then it's "my problem" and I can make WinUAE to open directly with a better configuration.

You're true, with only 2-3 testers it has to be very difficult. Anyway I want to see how does it work for msantos.

No, I'm not using norton, only Avast, and I've tried disabling it too.

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