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Originally Posted by synchro View Post
Yet everything i try it on works fine ???
The exe launcher is for the companys specific exe's i cant use it as an arcade launcher for the all in one when i make it...

Despite my best efforts i cannot get these to fail but in all honesty im only getting 2 user feedbacks..Its not enough to try to filter out the problems like what it works on what it doesnt...for all i know it could be a setting in Norton if you both use that.

For now i think i will give up till i find something it does not work on then i can look into it properly.
3D Arcade boots amiga games with winuae using a config file for each game so when you load a game in 3D Arcade it boots the config first,the config shows where the ADF and roms are on your HD and loads the rom and boots the ADF game and bingo the games working..
If you want all of the config files,i can leave a link to them here if it helps,there is over a 1000 of them cos its a set..
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