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Originally Posted by pcGTW_Webmaster View Post
However, that will work only with the 1.x roms. The other roms are modified by Cloanto and decrypting them this way will not work.
Apologies for bumping a very old thread. However I must say, this is not quite accurate when it comes to recent Amiga Forever editions, although there is a grain of truth here.

Amiga Forever 2012 Plus or Premium (the edition I have) comes with several Commodore-Amiga 3.1 ROMs for different Amiga models, as well as a Cloanto "3.x" ROM. The former can be ripped with Transrom to produce an unencrypted ROM file (I tried it - it definitely works). The latter cannot be ripped this way.

It is also possible to use Transrom to rip both 1.3 and 1.2 ROMs from Amiga Forever Value Edition (which I also confirmed). This is the only way ROMs from the Value Edition can be used on non-x86 non-Windows platforms.

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