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I've installed it. First I think you should put a bar showing the installation progress, as it will stay 5 minutes with an empty screen showing only Amiga Launcher in a corner, and you don't see any progress (lucky I've got a HD activity led inside my power button).

The quick finder doesn't work (to me) in windows 7 64 bits.

Music works.

When you click in a game just once (I think it should be twice) it opens the WinUAE screen, but it opens with the configuration of an A500 any game. Of course it won't work like that. I think you should put a good configuration like the one of AmigaSYS or Amikit. Changing configuration I lose the floppy and have to search for it (have to see where I installed the launcher).

IMO I will always preffer your Amiga EXE launcher, and I don't see the point to make this launcher.

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