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Fleshing out my Amiga collection?

First up, I have no nostalgia for the Amiga - I grew up without even knowing the machines existed, living in the US and all. I picked up a CD32 and an A1200 within the last year, and I've been trying to round out my collection. I'm mainly a console gamer - I cut my teeth on Sega Master System and Sega Genesis, and though I played plenty of PC games on my DOS PC, I'll take something like Turrican over Monkey Island personally. I've gone though lemon amiga lists, watched a bunch of top 10 lists on youtube, but I still know there are tons of games I'm missing. I have PAL machines, so please don't hold back. I have the following:

Chuck Rock CD32
Chuck rock 2 CD32
Fire 'n Ice CD32
Guardian CD32
Microcosm CD32
Flink CD32
Fightin' Spirit CD32
Beneath a Steel Sky CD32
Quik the Thunder Rabbit CD32
Mean Arenas CD32
Total Carnage CD32
Liberation: Captive II CD32
The Lost Vikings CD32
The Chaos Engine CD32
Black Viper CD32
James Pond 2 CD32
Jungle Strike CD32
Wing Commander CD32
Dangerous Streets CD32
Zool 2 CD32
Super Stardust CD32
Shadow Fighter A1200
Shaq Fu A1200 (haha)
Zool A1200
Mr. Nutz A1200
Stardust A1200
Turrican A1200
Turrican II A1200
Turrican III A1200
Lotus II A1200
Wolfchild A1200
Lemmings CDTV
Lemmings 2 A1200
Another World A1200
Shadow of the Beast A1200
Desert Strike A1200
R-Type A1200
R-Type II A1200

I got an ad out on Amibay for Lionheart. Beyond that, what other games would round out my collection?
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