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Originally Posted by synchro View Post
I appreciate that im able to upload the launchers here and have now worked out how but how much room is there ?

I think they may be bigger than you thought the CD32 Launcher would not go up ...its about 1.5 gig itself without any of the others
I tried the C64x Launcher on Linux(COS 32bit v1.3) and it just messed it up,now I have a problem with the graphics and have to reinstall it.. Lucky I made a iso backup before this happened..

Oh and when I load a game with it,it crashes wine...

I tried on WinXP and I click on a game and it comes up with a error but what I did was delete winvice inside commodore folder but kept the game folder then copied winvice back into from winvice site and bingo it works on winxp mode(winxp in Virtual Box in COS)
I think you need to change it to window mode not fullscreen,Wine don't like fullsceen for some reason..

I will have a look at the server settings,I might have to change the upload settings so it allows bigger files.
Maybe better to upload it with ftp instead..I give you the ftp user and pass to that folder if you want..??

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