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Retro-Nerd, I agree with you abuot Turrican 2... I never played the CPC version but I looked it up on Youtube just now, and even though it has more/brighter colors, I don't think it looks better... it looks more sluggish and less fun to play, in my opinion. Keep in mind that I never actually played it, though... this is just my impression from watching it on Youtube.

However, if you want to see some *really* (!) impressive CPC stuff, take a look at this demo, running on real hardware (Amstrad CPC 6128)... seriously, take a look... it's damn impressive!
[ Show youtube player ]

The C64 has some really amazing demos too, though... such as this incredible demo, saw it running on a real C64 the other day, impressed the hell out of me! -
[ Show youtube player ]

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