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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
If you give your agreement and if nobody objects I think it would be very nice to have them as a miscshots in HoL.
Yeah, no problem. This isn't the last edition though but I cannot promise when the next one will be.

Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
Btw, I took a quick look and I read for map 5 Brewers bouleWard.
Since I see some "normal" bouleVards I guess it was a typing mistake.
Fixed it in my photoshop version but there are likely to be tons more so I will probably not update them everytime I made a change. I decided to mark the maps with 0.9 for now since there are likely to be a ton of spelling errors.

I manually made around 430 screenshots of street/places from the terminal in each City Records Office, then manually typed it all into an excel file.
Most of the errors are place-names being chopped off like "Gitapi TeleCommunicat", which is because names are chopped off in the City Records Terminal.
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