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i agree with what youve said.(the laws are very strict on this matter for a reason)

but surely theres a work around for peaple that have a "known working" cpu,by this i mean anyone who wants to do such a thing could send you the cpu at there cost.(with a list of revisions of mask sets tested by you as a comparison)
then if it dont work with your card,you can simply remove it with your tool and send it back at the cost of the person who sent it to you.(admittedly you have to have someone do the testing)
which is probably the main reason for such a card not being made in the first place.(by this i mean the cost of the cpu)
the testing could be done at the time the card is being tested itself,altough i beleive this could be time consuming so maybe it could be a separate thing done when the card has to have the cpu inserted(this may be counter productive i know as you probably have to contract out a production line for the card assembly,and i dont know wiether you test the cpu sepratley from this)

as for the memory,128-256mb would be great for most peaple wouldent the sdram interface on your aca's work with an 060?just a thought.

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