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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Thread necromancy aside, I stopped it not because it would have been difficult, it was stopped because in comparison to modern Amiga racing games, Super Sprint was severely lacking.
Strangely enough, on that thread :
Super sprint ranks #1 in votes - and by far. Perhaps you can tell them this game just sucks.

About all these "modern Amiga racing games", do they allow 3 human players ?

Moreover, you had people with expectations here. And you just stopped the project, giving no news. Not quite polite IMO.

Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Studying the ST version quite intensively, I came to the conclusion that the AI for the other cars was virtually non-existant. Cars followed a virtually set route, only changing when gates opened, there just didn't seem to be much of a challenge to the game whatsover.

Compare it to Nitro or SuperCars, and its readily apparent just how woeful the AI in Super Sprint is. Whether or not the Arcade version is different I don't know, but technically the game was never a problem, it was the gameplay mechanics which for most Amiga owners would be too simplistic.
Oh the nice excuse. You won't convince me with that. Car AI can be rewritten to make a better one. Furthermore, you would have had to write one, as you were doing it from scratch. So this really isn't a valid reason to stop.
You could have said that you're lazy, that you got fed up, that you're not good enough, that you lack relevant graphics, that you don't have time - ok. But not that.

Originally Posted by tomcat666 View Post
Well, we recently recovered an unreleased Atari ST game "Highway Encounter" - which is really a great version - by far the best. The author said that there used to be an Amiga port which was done in a few days since the game was coded in a way it would be simple to port to Amiga. Unfortunetly that port is forever lost.
Stingray did say he is interested in doing an Amiga port, unfortunetly he didn't have time so far. Maybe that would be a more viable game for porting ?
Here is the eab thread about the game:
Quit OT here.

If you want to speak about other games port, here is a better place :
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