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Originally Posted by Lonewolf10 View Post
Just played the latest WIP and it's great. I'd like to see the inclusion of a pause option, activated by the P button on the keyboard and, if it isn't going to be used for anything else, the fire button on the joystick.
Yes - should have been in by now but I kinda forgot about it. It'll be in next week

However, I have just found 2 bugs. The first one is captured in the attached image - the end of the platforms are missing!
As mihcael says, not really a bug, more a designing oversight - I did spot this but too late for me to do anything about it while preparing the new version to be uploaded. So that will of course be fixed soon.

The second took me 7 or 8 attempts to discover... after beating level 4 it loops back to level 1. But when I died (deliberately) the "Game Over" image didn't appear, but I was able to return to the title screen by pressing the fire button.
Thanks for the report on this one. I've never seen that happen before so I'll keep an eye out and see if I can work out what's causing it.

Originally Posted by mihcael View Post
Similar to what lonewolf said but could you make it so you simply press a number on the keyboard for the corresponding level? (or i could just try harder)
Yes, thinking about it that would be an easier method. Again I'll try it for next week (although it won't be in the final game of course).

Thanks for the feedback all! It's all useful.
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