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Originally Posted by _ThEcRoW View Post
Yeah mate, i would be trying it on my netbook for sure. I have tried countless times with aros, but is impossible at the moment, so i think that a linux distro amigaized would be perfect.
I don't have much time these days, but for sure i will be trying it in a moment of relief.

I forgot to ask what gui will it be using, as a heavy resource one like gnome or kde would maybe be too much for a netbook.*Could be used a lighter X server as xfce?. That would be more snappier and quick, and also feel more amigaish in faster systems.
It will be using gnome,it has kde too,I can install xfce for you if you like so you can use it on your netbook.
Its has all the cos themes on it and a theme I made.

So if you want a certain program installed please post it here and i will inclued it but please do it ASAP cos iam releasing it on 14th march( in 3 days)
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