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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
I repaired a thick XBOX 360 (3 red lights) to my brother in law and as he told it wasn't working he bought another this Christmas. He gave it to me a week ago for free and it ... works like a charm (dunno what his problem was, but I've left it working for hours). I've been this week searching about chips/usb/etc solutions but that thing about getting banned in Xbox life makes me want to let it as it is (by now). Anyway, I don't play much games. I just want to play Left 4 Dead (I've ordered it) as I do in my "PC".

An annoying thing is that you have to PAY to play online (which is the best, of course). They aren't letting Steam to take part of his benefits...

I've bought a wireless controller, but I've found that I've got to buy it (very expensive), buy a receiver and buy the battery... Those people of Microsoft only think in money.

BTW I've bought this adapter which I think is the best (I've found) to watch it right in my Led Tv, as it has (haven't received it yet) a very bad resolution:

Would like to know if it's good (the best for an old XBOX without HDMI) or not.

Yes, I'm a little off topic, but surely I will mod it and will install the Amiga emulator finally...

Don't buy that one, This one is better, it supports composite and component input to TV, Composite video sux to a TV so if you have the component (red, Green and Blue inputs) use them instead
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