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I repaired a thick XBOX 360 (3 red lights) to my brother in law and as he told it wasn't working he bought another this Christmas. He gave it to me a week ago for free and it ... works like a charm (dunno what his problem was, but I've left it working for hours). I've been this week searching about chips/usb/etc solutions but that thing about getting banned in Xbox life makes me want to let it as it is (by now). Anyway, I don't play much games. I just want to play Left 4 Dead (I've ordered it) as I do in my "PC".

An annoying thing is that you have to PAY to play online (which is the best, of course). They aren't letting Steam to take part of his benefits...

BTW I've bought this adapter which I think is the best (I've found) to watch it right in my Led Tv, as it has (haven't received it yet) a very bad display:

Would like to know if it's good (the best for an old XBOX without HDMI) or not.

Yes, I'm a little off topic, but surely I will mod it and will install the Amiga emulator finally...

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