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To mod the 360 is a bit of a PITA, good news is that all HDMI fat 360s and all slim 360s made before Aug 2011 are able to be glitched, so there are literally millions out there that can be glitched. There are quite a few people in the UK that actually do it for people too so its not too bad. I like the fact i can create a HDF from my Amiga HDD or CF card , copy it to the 360 and away i go and of course able to use the 360 controller for joystick functions and also plug in a usb keyboard into the 360 to give you keyboard functions. The only drawback is you need to use the thumbstick on the controller for mouse purposes UNLESS... you use a really neat little rig called Xim3 which allows you to play all of your xbox 360 games and emulators using a real keyboard and mouse (Brilliant rig!) it increases your gameplay by miles. If anyone needs help etc, i'll try to help you out

To glitch a 360, you need a $20 board, soldered to the mobo (6 - 7 wires), rewrite the firmware, get the firmware key for the cpu/dvd by running software, and then overwrite the firmware of the 360 using custom firmware. I think its worth it. (Once you do this btw, don't expect to use that 360 on xbox live as the machine will get banned.
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