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No it has not gone off track....He asked our thoughts on retro gaming. How we persive it is important im sure.

I dont think anyone is wrong really whether is retro...or is over 20 years old no denying old computers do have a vintage in that respect....but the style is retro from some of our perspectives so that counts as well.

Really its a bit like calling scrollers and platform games arcade style....We tend to tag certain events in time that mean something to a specific generation....People who grew up with XBOX and other consoles never lived the birth of computer gaming...Boy did they miss out !!..But when their kids are on holodecks they will be remenissing the days of console gaming.....whereas our memories are arcade gaming.

But those of us that were there....It was history in the making....without invaders etc there may not have been any C64's....amiga's....Pc's...ipads...internet....Well it certainly would not be the same anyway....

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