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WIP8 is here - both in lha and as an ADF.

Main changes here are obviously the two-player mode and the title screen (incidentally, at Predseda's request, I've now implemented the code to loop back to the titles when you die) which also includes the Hall of Fame (no scores though) and a credits screen placeholder (only one line of text, this will obviously be replaced with a proper screen towards the end of the project). To start a two-player game, press fire on the second player's joystick at the title screen.

Also, mihcael has been very busy and has designed levels three and four. He's also designed a new level one (see if you can guess what word is spelled out ). I did cock up slightly when implementing this one as a couple of the edge platforms are missing but that's not a show-stopper. I'll fix it next week. Big thanks to Mike for taking the time to do these!

As far as the levels go, there will be ten levels with different tile graphics which will loop round to level one again. However, to give a bit of a variety and to partly compensate for the fact that the designs aren't random like the Jaguar version, I want to include three or four different designs per level, and the game selects one randomly to play each time. This would mean there are lots of different combinations of levels possible and if the game loops round to level one again when you complete level ten, you could be faced with some new maps. So if anybody else has any level ideas drop me a line, there's enough space to fill

Next week I will also get round to fixing the little graphical glitches that still remain and try and add some powerups. For now, if you discover any new problems or issues then please report them, thanks!
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