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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
I just try to be honest. I have own a CPC for a longlongtime (got it on the 7th january 1986 so since 26 years). i had the pleasure to get in my hands more than a thousand games on this computer, this has allowed to me to appreciate the games with colors and great soundtracks, good playability, but also seeing that many english coders prefered to deliver ZX spectrum emulation, or really crap playability in some cases, or no sound in others, and even worse broken games FROM FACTORY, i mean that games like twinworld, final fight, un squadron, alien storm disk release, trivial pursuit baby boomer, beach volley, new york warriors disk release, i discovered that many on CPC had mastering errors, making them unable to run when those were sold commercially.

On the C64, i discovered that while some game had great tunes (Robocop, Robocop III for instance) many others had just okayish ones. Graphics that looked like amateurish work or unfinished, and what a surprise, a rigid/blocky/squared playability (and no my c64 is working correctly, thanks gentlemen ).

And yes i prefer any day a beautifully colored game well coded on CPC, than a tarnish greyish brownish game even well coded on C64. The C64 palette is very special and 16 colors only when the CPC has 27 colors and more beautiful GFX
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