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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
AMC 2, gryzor, chase HQ, Turrican 1 + 2, Rick dangerous 1 + 2, dragon ninja, total recall, shinobi, double dragon 1 + 2, Robocop, target renegade, batman the movie, afterburner, all those were really better than their C64 counterparts.
The c64 has the speed, but no colors to do arcade games, that's why all the games i cited above are better on CPC.
Colors ??? Those games are better on CPC than C64 because of COLOURS ???? My god, thats the biggest rubbish I ever heard.

What is the most important thing with games is playabilty. I have both CPC and C64 (and ZX) - and while CPC has more vivid colours I must say I prefere the C64 colours more since they don't make the games look like over-bright coloured mess.

Of the games you mentioned only Chase HQ and Target Renegade are actually more playable on CPC than C64. Everything else is either better on C64 or equal. And even those two I prefere to play on the Spectrum for some reason
Gryzor might be colourfull in a good way but it is a flick-screen game, which it was NOT supposed to be, it looses so much because of that. I would play the C64 version over CPC anyday.

The only games I prefere on CPC over any other 8bits are the Isometric adventures like Head Over Heels, BatMan. Also Crafton & Xunk is great on it. Overall though it was the least appealing of the 8bits in my opinion. C64, ZX, even Atari 8bit all fare better in my opinion.

As someone here mentioned - it is all fanboy talk.
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