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I found an alternative to total video commander which also allows you to skip some other steps. I use the ffmpeg command line tool. Windows binaries are here -

Took me a while to figure this out as ffmpeg is very powerful and I really have no clue about video formats and stuff. I only tried this on .flv files from youtube but ffmpeg should auto detect the format of the input file. Anyhow, here is what you do.

Inserting your own filenames, not forgetting the extensions -

To just extract the raw avi like the step total video commander is used for this is the command.

ffmpeg -i inputfile -vcodec rawvideo outputfile.avi
To extract and convert the audio to the correct format at the same time use this command

ffmpeg -i inputfile -map 0:a -ar 16000 -sample_fmt u8 -acodec pcm_u8 audiooutputfile.wav -map 0:v -vcodec rawvideo videooutputfile.avi
Change 16000 to 22050 or 11025 or whatever for different audio output file sample rates. After this the audio file is ready but you stilll need to use virtual dub to change the video frame rate/frame size/colour format.

It should be possible to do the whole thing in one command but for some reason the avi4hv tool doesn't like the pixel colour format output by the following monstrosity

ffmpeg -i inputfile -map 0:a -ar 16000 -sample_fmt u8 -acodec pcm_u8 audiooutputfile.wav -map 0:v -r 15 -s 320x216 -vcodec rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb555le videooutputfile.avi
As far as I can tell this should work but both virtual dub and avi4hv choke on the colour format of the output video file. VLCplayer has no problem with it. It would be great if anyone is an expert in ffmpeg or video in general could explain why avi4hv doesn't like it.

If this worked you could batch convert any amount of files you wanted with one command and would avoid the creation of such enormous intermediate files.

(BTW ffmpeg also has decode support for such things as CDXL, deluxepaint animation and delphine CIN formats. )

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