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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
It was easy. That means it's easy to get memory for your accelerator. Try getting a replacement memory for current ACA products.
Replacement memory is quite easy to come buy. A lot more so then the 72 pin variety your so fond of. The process of replacing them is a bit harder, but thats not down to availability, thats down to performance, and eliminating variables that could bring issues to costumers.
But then your not looking for replacement, your looking to change the memory, for some reason or another, trying to prove that 72 pin memories in some arbitrary way is "better".

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Now we're talking! I'm all for remaking Amiga chips in modern components, as I've mentioned 1000 times here. But you mentioned emulation, which is more like the PPC way.
You do realize that a softcore is a instruction-set running on a CPU other then a 680x0? It's emulating a 680x0.

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
However, a 68030 with FPU in FPGA would be hopelessly slow compared to 68060 even at 600 MHz. On top of which this would create a condition where someone would spend years making such a one before a card could be made.
Years? How do you figure? The softcore is more or less already made, people run everything from 68000 to 68050. The point is that with a flexible design you could simply press a few buttons and go from a compatibility set to another. You need a fast 68000?, load one softcore. Need 68030, load that one. 68060. Well, right now i think you need to develop it first, but yeah, once done, just load that one. The only thing needed is for the FPGA's to drop in price. A lot. It sure wouldn't hurt for faster FPGA's to be available to us either, but for making the equivalent of the current ACA accelerators there are more then enough "oumpf" available today. So the next gen may very well have what it takes for 68040, and so on. It will be a while yet for sure, but it's a lot more likely then barebone accelerators.
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