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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
YOU had no trouble, so therefor there is no issues, ever. Ok, i get it. In the real world there is still the possability of something being within the right specs, and fully functional, that simply wont play ball with some pieces of hardware. It still happens to this day, that some RAMsticks doesn't work with some motherboards / CPU's.
It was easy. That means it's easy to get memory for your accelerator. Try getting a replacement memory for current ACA products.

Are you daft for real?
Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
I'm not sure i follow your reasoning. If you got a accelerator which has a Motorola 68030@50MHz, or if you have a FPGA running the equivalent, your not going to see, hear, feel or imagine anything being different. What actually is different tho is that you can use a faster FPGA, and instead of being limited to the speedgrades that the 68030 actually was produced with, you could run one at 200MHz. (Number picked at random) The only difference here being the FPGA CPU, which as of right now is to expensive. This is NOT emulation in the same way that UAE is. This is using modern hardware to replace hard, or impossible to get bits and pieces to make new hardware for existing Amigas. It's like using a modern piece of ram instead of scavenging old ramsticks, since there simply isn't supply for it. And guess who does all of this?

Yeah. That guy. He uses modern RAM coz he cant find the old stuff for a good price, and he used a FPGA chip to make a complete system. Not using them for CPU's but for the custom chips, i believe. I have no doubt that once it makes financial sense to make the accelerators using FPGA's he'll make em with FPGA's. And when you buy a accelerator with a FPGA design, you wouldn't know, ever, unless someone told you.
Now we're talking! I'm all for remaking Amiga chips in modern components, as I've mentioned 1000 times here. But you mentioned emulation, which is more like the PPC way.

However, a 68030 with FPU in FPGA would be hopelessly slow compared to 68060 even at 600 MHz. On top of which this would create a condition where someone would spend years making such a one before a card could be made.

You're replacing the possible with things that aren't here yet, while I'm proposing that a card with sockets that could be made cheaper and in larger volume than a custom card. I would actually buy a 100% compatible humble 68000 CPU and Amiga chipset remade in FPGA the second it was put on the market. It seems you haven't read my passionate posts on this subject, but this is a dream vision for me. However, my suggestion is a different product altogether. It's a CPU board for non-FPGA CPUs.

jbenam: I have heard of Jens' dislike for Apollos and am proposing a replacement to get them off the 'market' and get him in control. Do you know of any better way to make Jens happy?

That said, the ACA series do have support tickets, all the more reason a generic card with narrow specs and no responsibility/limited warranty period should be more attractive for a developer.

The dev could of course sell the cards with CPU and RAM tested and ready, but accept responsibility only for the board as at least the CPU would be a used part. But I think it IS an important point to separate the board from the replacement parts since some time in the future every user would need to replace socketed parts.

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